10 Free Notion Templates You Need To Be Using

10 Free Notion Templates You Need To Be Using

Essential Notion templates you can get for free and utilize for maximum productivity and efficiency

Without a doubt, Notion is one of the best productivity tools used by millions of users on the internet. One of the main benefits of Notion is that it allows you to create custom databases and templates, which can be useful for tracking project progress, managing tasks, and organizing resources.

In this article, I curated a list of free Notion templates that you should use to become more productive.

Here are ten free Notion templates you should use to stay productive, document, and manage your workflow.

1. Personal development plan

If you plan on building your career and skills, you should find this template very useful. It will help you determine the skills and areas you want to focus on and what activities you will use to achieve them.

2. Personal growth plan

This is a very useful Notion template that you can use to clarify your career objectives and have a dynamic growth plan that sparks action.

3. Job applications

This template helps you organize your resume, cover letter, and portfolio to access them quickly. It allows you to keep track of the entire job application process, including the companies you've reached out to and their statuses and deadlines.

4. 2023 yearly goal tracker

This template helps you organize all your goals into quarterly and daily tasks.

5. New year resolution hub

This Notion template helps you find exercises, pre-built databases, learning resources, and automation to make your New Year’s resolutions actually last.

6. Online learning tracker

With this Notion Template, you can keep track of all the online courses you've enrolled in. Stay on top of your progress and quickly access your ongoing courses. Add your certificates to the list and access them all in one location.

7. Code snippet tracker

Keep track of personal code snippets or snippets you find on the web. Sort by tags that make sense to you or the programming language. Attach an external URL to give snippets more context.

8. Web development resources

Explore a large database of web development resources that are categorized by the utility. It is suitable for all programmers, covering resources from frontend to the backend.

9. 2022 in Review

This template allows you to organize yearly activities, so you can reflect on your accomplishments.

10. Resume

This Notion template helps you write your resume in no time. Whether you’re searching for a job or just want an online career presence.


If you wish to reach your career goals, stay productive, and avoid distractions, these resources can be valuable to you as a professional. There are other templates you can look for in the Notion template gallery. You can duplicate them and make custom changes.

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