20 Web3 Developer Communities You Should Join In 2023

20 Web3 Developer Communities You Should Join In 2023

Top interactive online communities on discord for web3 enthusiasts and blockchain developers.

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Becoming a member of the web3 developer community is very important especially if you are just getting started. It offers an opportunity to interact, meet like-minds, and ask for assistance from other members when stuck. And also other benefits such as access to learning resources, peer learning, tutorials, feedback, and job opportunities.

This article will go over some interesting and active developer communities in the web3/blockchain space that might match your interest and help your journey as a blockchain/smart contract developer.

Web3 Developer Communities

1. Developer DAO

Developer DAO is a community of thousands of web3 builders creating a better internet. It exists to accelerate the education and impact of a new wave of web3 builders. As a decentralized autonomous community, it is gated and you can have complete access to the server once you own the governance token $CODE.

2. Alchemy University

Alchemy University provides courses, projects, and code to help fast-track your web3 career.

3. Web3 Academy

Web3 Academy is a media platform that explores how web3 tools can help entrepreneurs, creators, and businesses build thriving communities with sustainable business models. The community is made up of a group of like-minded individuals who come together to share ideas and debate the implications of news stories.

4. LearnWeb3 DAO

LearnWeb3 is the best place to turn you into a web3 developer for completely free. Join 50,000+ other builders in your journey.

5. Meta School

Meta School is a platform where developers hang out to learn web3 with each other, collaborate on projects, earn NFTs for completing their work, and connect.

6. Odyssey DAO

Odyssey is a top web3 learning DAO backed by a private community of builders and learners who want to build long-term friendships with each other and explore this space together.

7. Web3 University

Web3 University brings together organizations from across web3 to create the largest community learning blockchain education.

8. Web3Learn

Web3Learn is a blockchain EdTech project that provides free courses and supports learners to build blockchain startups or projects.

9. Buildspace

Buildspace is one of the best communities for web3 builders that helps accelerates your journey into web3.

10. Questbook

An online platform to learn how to build in Web3 and earn crypto and NFTs as well.

11. Figment Dev Community

Figment is the Web3 education platform for developers, by developers.

12. Dacade

A peer-to-peer learning platform for learning, building amazing projects, and getting feedback from others.

13. CryptoDev Hub

The one-stop shop for blockchain and crypto developers.

14. Chainshot

This platform helps you fast-track your Ethereum Developer career in an instructor-led and online Bootcamp.

15. Web3 Afrika

Web3Afrika is an online community supporting web3 builders in Africa.

16. Blockchain JS

A blockchain community for anyone interested in Javascript programming language for smart contract development.

17. Pointer

A platform to learn interactive tutorials and web3 development skills.

18. Thirdweb

Thirdweb is a developer tool accelerating teams building web3 apps, games, tokens, NFT marketplaces, DAOs, and more — without having to learn a new coding language or hire other specialist developers.

19. Block Devs United

Blockchain Developers United (BDU) is a decentralized autonomous network of developer community groups, located anywhere in the world.

20. She256

She256 is a movement dedicated to increasing diversity and breaking down barriers to entry in the blockchain space by broadening the pipeline through increasing accessibility to industry professionals and education specifically to those who are underrepresented.

Wrapping Up

The importance of investing time to stay active and contribute to the web3 communities can't be overemphasized. It is very pertinent regardless of your experience or skill level. You will achieve career growth, and experience as well as grow your network along the way.

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