5+ Platforms to Find Beginner Friendly Open Source Projects

5+ Platforms to Find Beginner Friendly Open Source Projects

Popular platforms to look for an active and beginner-friendly project to make your first contribution

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Are you looking for open-source projects to make contributions to?

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Getting started with open source as a first-timer can be challenging owing to misconceptions that one has to be proficient in technical problem-solving.

You will likely come across large open-source projects like VS code, React, FreeCodeCamp, etc which are obviously quite complex and intimidating for an absolute beginner.

To save open source enthusiasts and beginners such stress that will likely discourage them from making any attempt. I have curated some platforms to easily look up open-source projects to be part of regardless of the programming language. They are as follows;

1. Up for Grabs

This website curated a list of projects with tasks specifically for new contributors. Projects are labeled as “up-for-grabs”, “jump-in” or “help wanted” making it easy to explore projects that actively want help.


2. Goodfirstissue.dev

GoodFirstIssue.dev curates popular open-source projects to help you make your first contribution to open-source. You can easily sort these projects by issues label, programming language, or repository.


3. Contribute.dev

Contribute.dev allows contributors to make contributions easily to all featured repositories without the need to install dependencies, go through README files or compile code for hours. Gitpod makes this possible in a few simple steps.


4. Goodfirstissues.com

This platform empowers first-time contributors to find and select issues they want to solve. It aggregates the latest issues with the label “Good First Issue”, which is a GitHub feature for finding easy tasks to solve.


5. First Contributions

First Contributions targets developers who want to contribute to open-source software but do not know where or how to start.


6. Code triage

It lets you pick your favorite repositories to receive a different open issue right in your inbox every day.


Notable mentions

  • First Issues The first issue twitter bot automates tweets on active issues labeled good first issues on Github. It covers numerous programming languages like Go, Javascript, TypeScript, C, C++, Java, Rust, PHP, Python, Kotlin, Swift, and more.

  • First timers only This Twitter bot always post the latest issues of open source project assigned the first issues label and available for contributions.

  • Good First Issues This is another notable Twitter bot that frequently tweets active issues labeled good first issues of any open-source projects. It also covers numerous programming languages like Go, Javascript, TypeScript, C, C++, Java, Rust, PHP, Python, Kotlin, Swift, and more.

The good first issue label is a tag attached to less complex and beginner-friendly tasks of an open-source project.

To stay up-to-date with any open-source projects and open issues, it is recommended you follow these Twitter handles.


I hope you find these resources helpful. If you have any other useful platform don't hesitate to mention it below.

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Wishing you all the best as you make open-source contributions! 🎉