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Franklin Ohaegbulam is a self-taught front-end engineer and designer. He is an avid learner who is always exploring new things and is passionate about open source, blockchain technology, accessibility, and inclusive design.

He started writing technical content as a means to convey his thoughts and give back to the awesome developer community. He loves writing articles, how-to guides, and tutorials that simplify complex information in web development, design, and blockchain technology.

As an open source enthusiast, he has made contributions to over 35 open source projects, including Freecodecamp, React Play, Developer DAO, and Ethereum.org. He believes that open source technology has a key role to play in improving a developer's career growth, experience, and skills.

He has extensive knowledge of semantic HTML, CSS, SASS, TailwindCSS, JavaScript, React, Git, Firebase, Markdown, Figma, and Photoshop. And also mastery of responsive design techniques, progressive web applications, cross-browser extension development, and Restful APIs.

He is actively involved in decentralized autonomous organizations and open-source communities. In his leisure time, when he is not building side projects or taking new courses, he spends time playing indoor games, watching random videos, and listening to good music. He is excited to participate in public speaking engagements, live sessions, workshops, Twitter spaces, and the clubhouse.

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